Yacht owners in Australia are following the trend in Europe and having their boats, new or old, vinyl wrapped in all sorts of bright colours. 

Why vinyl wrap? Well for a start it’s cost effective, efficient, personalises your boat and preserves resale value and the hull.

Ross Turner, Commissioning Manager, Windcraft Yachts says, ‘the vinyl is applied over the gel coat which protects the hull from the waterline to the gunnel from UV light and the corrosive elements of the marine environment which helps to safeguard the integrity of the boat’s high quality finish.

It’s not as durable and will damage more easily than paint, however this method is about a third of the cost and if well maintained will last approximately 5 years, possibly longer’. The reasons for choosing vinyl wrap can be quite different for new boats compared to second hand boats:

New Yachts:

The wrapping becomes part of the commissioning for a new yacht meaning it doesn’t have to be taken off site and done separately. 

Vinyl acts as a protective coating over the gel coat keeping the hull well preserved which is ideal for resale.

There is an extensive colour range to choose from so you can make personalised choices.

Second Hand Yachts:

Update the colour of a faded hull giving the boat a brand-new look.

Your vessel can be back in the water in two or three days ready for use.

Cover oxidised gel coating saving on maintenance.

Modernise the look by adding new vinyl stripes and name.

Innovative Marine Coatings

Innovative Marine Coatings (IMC) in Sydney are dedicated marine vinyl wrappers. They use the highest quality 3M vinyl product providing clients the best life and finish possible. They now have the experience and skill-set and professional set up to service their constantly growing customer base. Angus Suter owner of IMC says, ‘We now do boats from 28 feet upwards to 35-meter super yachts. It’s an exciting time’.


That’s the beauty of vinyl wrap, you can have your favourite colour in no time! Simply cover what’s there or peel off the existing wrap and replace it!

Angus says, ‘vinyl wrap is a great way to customise the colour, the stripes and the name of a boat without the need for cutting and polishing. There’s a myriad of colours to choose from with a range of finishes – gloss, satin, metallic and textured’.

So, check out the colour section on the IMC website to find a colour to suit your style such as:

Intense Blue for a classic look.

Dragon Fire Red to vamp it up.

Bright Yellow to light up your hull.

Charcoal Metallic for a sexy race boat.



Minimal damage is easily repaired by patching – owners are shown how to do this while their boat is in the water and it’s relatively simple. However, if the damage is substantial, the boat will be assessed by IMC.

Hanse 388 Owner

Windcraft boat owner, Trevor Hunter, had his Hanse 388 ‘Karisma’ vinyl wrapped during commissioning in Sydney and says, ‘IMC were absolutely terrific, they were professional, helpful and fitted in with the commissioning schedule’.

Q and A with Trevor

Why did you choose vinyl wrap?
‘I really wanted a coloured hull and there were so many colour options and textures – and if I ever want to change the colour it’s as easy as peeling it off and installing another one. It’s a very flexible product.

It was also far more cost effective in comparison to other options.’

Are you happy with the vinyl?
‘Yes, I’m very happy, no regrets, I would do it again – the benefits are great. When my blue wrap was installed it was spectacular and it still looks great.’

How do you maintain the vinyl wrap?
I hose the salt water off the hull after every use. The vinyl gets a full hose down with a chamois once a month and when the boat goes in for service, we have it waxed. There have been a few patches necessary due to a knocks and bumps, but it’s not a big deal.’


It’s a Wrap!

Because vinyl wrapping boats is relatively new to Australia, it’s the first experience for most new owners and Angus has received positive feedback.

He has a great analogy. ‘Think of your I-phone. You put it in a case to protect it from being damaged and scratched. The case keeps the I-phone in good condition. A boat is worth far more, so why not use the same principle’.

Further Information

If you are interested in vinyl wrapping your boat Innovative Marine Coatings has a comprehensive website explaining pretty much everything there is to know, along with their 3M colour and texture range.