Sydney International Boatshow

It’s Show Time again and Windcraft have a fabulous line up of Yachts for you. Our four yacht brands Hanse, Dehler, Moody and Solaris cover the spectrum of sailing styles – from cruising to racing , solo to families and newbie to experienced. Come and see which is best for you.


When: 1 – 5 August

Where: Darling Harbour, Sydney


If you are ready to buy this is your opportunity to see your shortlist in real life. Stepping aboard and exploring down below is when you will know if it’s the right one – the yacht to suit you and your family.


Our team is on hand to answer all your questions. From cruisers to racers to shipwrights we have a pool of knowledge to help you make the right choice. 


If you’d like to book a dedicated time with one of us please request via form below.

Our Yachts on display this year are:

Hanse 458

Australian Premier. The latest 45ft design from the Hanse factory – a size loved by families and cruising couples alike. Still easy to handle solo and yet a waterline length and hull design that glides through the ocean.

Hanse 418

The two cabin layout on display is often the choice of cruising couples. Also available in 3 cabin and two head – you choose. Superb sailing, agile and versatile.

Hanse 388

Perhaps Hanse’s best selling size of all time. Big enough for the family, small enough to get a huge amount of use out of – because it’s no hassle. A quick afternoon sail or a longer passage.

Hanse 315

The baby of the range. Strong sales of this model confirms that “Small is Beautiful” The lovely new one on display is called “katja” and is a bright delight.

Dehler 46

The largest of this performance orientated German range. Most Dehler owners are sailors looking for the next challenge, keen to step up their sailing ability. Even if you have no intention of racing the Dehler is a cut above.

Solaris 50

It’s hard to find words to describe the Solaris. Most people just sigh… 


Perfect is usually the next word uttered. 


The Solaris 50 on display is a premier for Australia – following the Solaris 47 displayed last year. The boat is soon heading to Adelaide so if you are keen to see this model at the show be sure to book your appointment using the form below.