Standing Rigging Renewal

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When should the standing rigging on a yacht be renewed?

As with everything on your yacht the standing rigging has a finite life span and should be replaced periodically as it fatigues with time. The standing rigging comprises all the stainless steel wires that are used to support the mast – shrouds, forestay and backstay plus associated fastenings.

Stainless steel rigging fatigues not just through sailing but also by being on a mooring or in a berth. As the boat moves from side to side in the waves and wind the wire takes the load of the mast going side to side. Often this deterioration is not visible from the outside.

The timing of the standing rigging renewal generally depends on how much you use the boat, the age of the rigging and if you have rod or wire rigging.

➢ Standing rigging serviceable life with general use –low to medium use of your yacht – approximately 10 years.

➢ Standing rigging serviceable life with regular use – weekly cruising and some racing 8-10 years

➢ Rod Rigging – 5 to 8 years depending on use.

Some insurance companies will cover your rig over 10 years in some cases but will require a full rig report to be done. If your insurer does accept this then ask for it in writing.

Renewing the standing rigging involves slackening the rig and removing the mast using a crane. The mast needs to be stored on trestles while replacement wires and fittings made up and fitted which can take about 10 -14 days and requires that your boat be in a berth accessible by a crane. The crane must then return and the mast be replaced, standing rigging reconnected and tensioned.













Needless to say, all running rigging, mast wiring, sails, lazy jacks and covers and sails need also be removed and refitted so it is quite a laborious undertaking that thankfully only needs doing every 10 years

As more and more Hanse, Moody & Dehler yachts are now reaching the stage where their standing rigging needs renewal, Windcraft Service has negotiated some competitive prices from local (Pittwater based) riggers, with the reassurance and confidence that the work will been done to a high standard through Windcraft Service, and where possible this can be carried out at the same time as the annual service & antifouling.

For boats in Sydney Harbour we can arrange delivery to & from Pittwater for works to be carried out.

As both time, riggers and berths are limited, please contact us as soon as you can to discuss your requirements, provide a quote for the work and then book you in.

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