So who would want to fly to Sardinia in May and spend a week sailing Solaris yachts? It is a long way to travel for a week of sailing and with the busy lives that people lead it is unlikely that anyone would have the time – or so we thought.

Costa Smeralda is the stretch of land along the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, Italy. It is known for its crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and for a short few months every year some of the best sailing conditions in the world.

Each year Solaris Yachts invites their owners to join them for “Solaris Days” – a week of sun, sailing and celebrating the Italian brand that has for more than 40 years now been at the pinnacle of sailing yachts.

With a new Solaris 47 recently arrived in Australia and a number of people now enquiring about them, Windcraft was invited to attend this event in May 2018, along with a small number of prospective owners.

The event was split into two parts. The first 3 days were set up for prospective clients to get out sailing on the different models. There was at least one of each model (42, 47, 50, 55, 58, 68 and 72 in full carbon) available to book morning and afternoon trial sails that were hosted by the owners of each yacht. It was great to see how the different boats handled and also to speak candidly to the owners and skippers of these yachts.

Windcraft owner Anthony Bishop commented “after attending a number of boat shows and seeing the Solaris Yachts lined up, you get to appreciate just how good they look, but that is only one small aspect of the brand. It’s not until you get out on the water with them that you really start to see just how good these yachts really are.”

The highlight of the week for many owners was the “Solaris Cup” – two days of semi-serious racing to really see how these yachts performed. Anthony Bishop and Ric Hawkins from Windcraft were invited to race onboard the Solaris 50 (“The Italian Job”) that finished in the top 5 yachts out of 35 across the line for both races.

Ric Hawkins (Solaris Brand Manager for Windcraft) has raced on more yachts than most and believes that when it comes to performance “less is more”. However, after two full days of racing on the Solaris 50 he was amazed at how high they pointed to windward and how well they performed for a yacht that was so luxurious inside.

Solaris Yachts hosted the event at the beautiful Porto Rotondo Yacht Club where they provided dinner and drinks every night. With 5 days of blue skies, temperatures between 26 and 30 degrees, consistent sea breezes ranging from 6-20kts and the fleet of 35 Solaris yachts, it was a truly remarkable event and well worth the 30 hours travel to get there.

One lucky couple that attended this event from Australia have already placed an order for their Solaris 50 which will be heading down-under early 2019 to join the growing fleet of Solaris yachts in Australia.

Windcraft will be heading back to Sardinia again next year so please make contact if you would like to take part in this extraordinary event.

Pictures from the week are available here