Rick and Jan are cruising around Australia on their Hanse 370 – “Fly South”.


They spent winter of 2015 sailing from Darwin to Perth through the spectacular Kimberley region of Western Australia.


A trip highlight was the King George Falls… In Jan’s words…


“…a spectacular start to the adventure putting the bow under the falls with 30 metres of water at the front edge of the falls.”


And it’s not just stunning scenery… they’ve had their fair share of wildlife encounters along the way… including crocs!


“The crocodiles at The Hunter River are numerous and not afraid of boats or people. They can jump, walk to fresh water pools and love the fish on your fishing line or just bite your inflatable, like a teething ring! We changed to a tinny for the trip!”



Other trip highlights from Jan’s travel journal include…

“Naturalists Island – wonderful imposing hills with tropical vegetation. Carnarvon and Gerrison Bay – such pretty places to rest and prepare for the passage along Zuytdorp Cliffs, Shark Bay. And magnificent clear water and coral at Maud’s Landing and Coral Bay.”



In Jan’s words…

”Sailing in the Kimberley is not about ocean swell but tidal rips caused by narrow passages and huge tide levels. Planning time, wind and tide are critical for enjoyable cruising. The Hanse proved to be a reliable, fast cruising boat arriving in time for sundowners with the many catamarans cruising up here. We often had first choice of anchorage. Rick loved passing them!”

Safe travels Jan and Rick and we look forward to hearing all about the rest of your adventures onboard “Fly South”.