Hanse 455 December 2015 Review

On the outside you look and think, yes it is a Hanse. But in a lot of ways this is quite a different beast to previous Hanse’s.

From the design table of Judel/Vrolijk the hull is shaped to provide more performance. In the quiet day we took it for a spin I was indeed impressed with its light wind speeds; in only 4.5 knots of breeze we could point under 30° and still do 4.5kts. Note, these speeds were with the standard selftacking jib.

I noted the headsail did lose a bit of its fast shape when the breeze got over ten knots, but it is still more than adequate for cruising. It should hit theoretical hull speed of 8.5kts in 16kts of breeze at 60° true wind angle. About standard for this size.