Moody Owner Reviews

Moody 54 DS Charter

TThe idea for Calypso Expeditions came about when two friends got together for a coffee. They decided to buy a boat in Europe and sail it back to Australia and sell passages along the way….making luxury cruising available for everyone! And the boat they chose was the Moody 54 DS! Why? They test sailed it on the Pittwater, loved the way it sailed and the fact it’s like a mini-luxury cruiser. They took delivery in August 2015 and since then they’ve had plenty of highlights and adventures along the way…From the Uk, the ARC race to the Caribbean…

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Moody 45DS Sews Up Airlie

Heather, owner and skipper of the Moody 45DS La Quilta which won Airlie Race week this year talks about the unlikely combination of sewing and sailing.

“The story of my Moody goes back quite a while. When I was in my 20’s I had a dream to sail around the world and I decided a Moody would be the best boat to do it in and the boatyard at Southampton was very helpful and even though this adventure did not eventuate at the time, I remained faithful to Moody as my yacht of choice.

I learnt to sail on Lake Tinaroo on the Atherton Tablelands and went on to sail Australian Light Sharpies at University competing in Women’s sailing Intervarsity’s all over Australia.

Gunther Gisser describes life on board  ‘Cool Change’

Erica and Gunther Gisser have lived on board their Moody 45 DS for 2 years. We caught up with Gunther to find out about life on board and his experience with Team Windcraft. ‘We went from a 380m&sup2 home to a 45 foot yacht… and now everything is less complex.

We have panoramic views and we don’t have to clean the pool. If we don’t like the pool we change it, if we don’t like the view we change it.

If the weather is not good outside we don’t disappear downstairs like most yacht owners… we still feel like we’re outside and we still have fabulous views.

The Moody 45 Deck Saloon is just so easy to live on. And when we have guests it’s magic – this is a 3 bed 2 bath floating apartment that sails really well.

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Thinking about buying a new boat?

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