The Perfect Yacht Design

How do you build the perfect yacht? Where do you start? The only place is with a great design. Hanse employ the best yacht designers in the world. Judel/Vrolijik design every Hanse yacht. They are quite simply the best designers of cruising and racing yachts in the world. Their designs win awards…and their yachts win races. Judel/Vrolijk shot to fame when ‘Alinghi’ won the America’s cup. And they have over 20 years experience designing the very best yachts. And once Hanse have the perfect yacht design?


The Hanse Easy Sailing Concept is legendary. Hanse invented the integrated self-tacking jib and were the first to bring all the lines aft to the helm position.

Moody Deck Saloon

The innovative Bill Dixon design of the Moody Deck Saloons has always ahead of its time.

Set yourself free and cruise oceans in total comfort enjoying panoramic views from the protected cockpit.

The Moody 45 Deck Saloon and the Moody 54 Deck Saloon are perfect for if you’re ditching your suit and tie and making the change to life on the ocean.

With the Moody Deck saloons you can enjoy outstanding accommodation and stunning looks – with all the pleasure that comes from a fantastic sailing experience.

Moody AC Classic

The Moody 41 AC Classic is a wonderfully stylish 41 foot yacht offering you luxury, comfort and easy sailing.

If you’re after more space…

The Moody 45 AC Classic gives you the same uncompromised Moody quality in a bigger package.

These unique yachts feature traditional styling and build quality while taking full advantage of the latest modern engineering methods and design technology.

You really can have the best of both worlds.

Hanse Steering and Performance Rig

Hanse steering systems are built in Denmark by Jefa. Jefa have manufactured rudder and steering products since 1980 and they are recognised as world leaders in this field. More detailed information about Hanse yacht steering systems.

A self-tacking jib is an integral part the design of every Hanse yacht from day one. It’s part of a performance rig which has a tall mast, a large mainsail and a tall headsail. For you it means your Hanse yacht is beautifully balanced and you can sail fast with ease.

And if you’re after performance you’ll like what Hanse offer as standard on all their yachts. Read about Hanse’s tapered masts, top quality sails and performance rigging.

Top Quality Interiors

Hanse understand how important great design is at every stage of the process. So in true Hanse style they turn to the best.

Design Unlimited and Birgit Schnasse are heavily involved in producing fabulous, contemporary interiors with incredible attention to detail.

As always quality is the word at every stage. For example you’ll find a real wood veneer on every cupboard door. The standard microfibre for the upholstery is exceptional, or you can upgrade to Italian leather if you choose. You’ll love the top and bottom loading fridges, separate showers and huge number of opening hatches.

For more detail and virtual tours of the interiors – check out the Hanse 315 – Hanse 345 – Hanse 385 – Hanse 455 – Hanse 505 – Hanse 575 – Hanse 675

Who Founded Hanse?

To start and drive a company like Hanse you clearly need a great leader.

Michael Schmidt is a successful racing sailor with an Admirals’s cup victory to his name.

He’s passionate about building stunning looking yachts which sail well. Schmidt backed his judgement and turned his passion into success.

Started in the late 1990s, Hanse yachts is now one of the fastest growing boat yards in Europe. The Hanse group even managed to expand during the GFC!

Windcraft Bring Hanse’s Success to Australia

Peter Hrones is another passionate leader. He toured Europe for 24 months to find the best yachts in the world.

And once he’d found the best boats… he brought them home to Australia.

Team Windcraft has grown into a hugely successful company with offices in Pittwater, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand.

When you buy a Hanse yacht you buy into the Hanse family and our unrivalled service team take care of you and your yacht.

Want to chat about the Hanse range? Here’s how to contact Team Windcraft

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