Fjord 44 coupé

The Fjord 44 coupé complements the stylish puristic open layout characterising the power yacht brand Fjord with a luxurious and streamlined deck house. The arc-saloon is a multifunctional structure, built with genuine glass, stainless steel and high quality composite GRP.  It incorporates a stylish arc design and further enhances the usability of this Fjord.  Two side doors at the front, two electric windows at the sides, an electric sunroof and a majestic twin sliding door at the back make the arc-saloon as open or as protected as you need.

The re-styled helm is packed with state-of-the-art electronics from ultra-modern glass bridge instruments to the wireless entertainment system.  The high-quality upholstered and sporty pilot seats offer the ideal support during dynamic driving. Inside, elegant materials and the highest level of craftsmanship create the perfect space which is both functional and comfortable. Your choice of high quality marine timbers, modern fabrics and wall coverings with elegantly integrated textures adorn the 2-cabin interior.

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Stand out from the crowd

The eye-catching design of the Fjord 44 brings together all the key elements of the perfect day boat. Solid GRP construction with walk around teak decks are safe for all the family even underway. Engine options allow for economic or high performance configurations to suit the owners. The latest glass cockpit technology with joystick controller makes it easy for anyone to maneuver even in confined spaces. A fully enclosed glass saloon to protect from the elements providing the perfect balance of indoor / outdoor entertaining, and twin cabins with ensuite to relax at the end of the day. The Fjord 44 is the ultimate day boat in any conditions. Demand nothing less.

Once again Fjord is redefining luxury power boats. If you would like to combine the unique Fjord feeling with greatest independence from the weather, then this newly developed coupé design with an arc-saloon and deck construction can be closed completely at any time.

The Fjord 44 coupé celebrated its world debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2018. Experience Fjord remaining true to its purist design language in a form you have never seen before.

The aerodynamic arched form gives the arc-saloon its name. But the real fascination can be found in the materials used.  Stainless steel, high-tech composites and elegant real glass lend the arc-saloon crystal clear, visionary aesthetics as well as excellent resistance to the forces of nature.

In very cold or very hot temperatures you can simply relax in the fully air-conditioned arc-saloon. Once the outside climate becomes more comfortable, you can open numerous elements of the panoramic glazing:

  • Double sliding door at the stern
  • Side-wall sliding door
  • Electrical windows on each side
  • Electric skylight

The arc-saloon always offers you just the amount of access to the outdoors as you want at any moment. This makes your Fjord 44 coupé a yacht for all 24 hours of the day.

The Fjord 44 coupé was designed for every moment of your life today. In just seconds, it transforms the power of the engine(s) into magnificent emotion. Its 870 hp accelerates the yacht to 36 knots. At the same time, the high bulwark guarantees a safe stroll around the entire boat even underway.