Meeting Our Team | As the manager of the Windcraft Service Team, Robert Orr oversees the people dedicated to keeping you and your boat on the water and in top condition. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better:


Q. What’s your favourite aspect of working with boats?

A. The people in the marine industry are what makes me most passionate about boats – the trades and the customers love their involvement and we all feel like we’re a participant in their dreams.

Q. You work with both new and older Windcraft Yachts – any preference?

A. No preference but you do notice a difference in the owners. It can be stressful being new to boating and having invested in a brand new yacht so the owners who have been involved with Windcraft for some time and trust us to do the right thing tend to be more relaxed – it takes time to earn the trust and respect of new owners but once we have built the relationship we love all our owners equally!

Q. What’s your favourite way to enjoy the water?

A. Twilight races with Woody Point Yacht Club is unrelentingly enjoyable. Body surfing when the sun shines comes a close second although I still haven’t found a more pleasant way to spend time than sitting by the water with fish & chips and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

Q. What’s the best boat name you’ve come across?

A. Liquid Leisure!Stay tuned for more insights from the rest of the Windcraft Team coming soon!