Windcraft are very pleased to be expanding our sales and service support in Queensland with the appointment of Gavin Ward to the team. Gavin’s passion for yachting, impressive professional background and his friendly personality makes him a perfect fit for the Windcraft team.

Gavin is always enthusiastic to share his experience and enthusiasm so if you have any questions about any aspect of Windcraft or our range of Sailing & Power yachts so would be happy to hear from you. He can be reached on 0418 402 809 and

We asked Gavin a few questions to help us all get to know him better, read on to see what floats his boat.

Q. What first started your relationship with boats?

A. I started sailing Sailboards and Catamarans until we decided we wanted to be able to take more people on board to enjoy the sailing. Rick Hawkins (current Windcraft expert), convinced us to buy a Hood 23 and our Keel Boat journey began. The first of many boats, both sail and power.

Q. What boating anecdote or story makes you smile or laugh every time you remember it?

A. When we had our first major regatta in our 47 foot boat Abracadabra. We managed to win every race of the regatta, but more importantly form a core team that has now sailed together for the last 25 years. Being competitive, but most importantly creating and maintaining a camaraderie that has seen us sail over 2000 races. Our principle objective has always been to go fast, but never without having fun.

Q. What’s your favourite of the brands and models you represent? Why?

A. I love the Hanse 458 as a total solution family boat, with ease of sailing, but a turn of speed. Great to twilight sail, club race or cruise.

For a Sunday boat I love the space and performance of the Sealine 330C. For a 33 foot boat it’s intelligent design means you have heaps of room with two cabins including an island bed in the master. The extended cover for the aft cockpit mean you can have shade or sun as you need it. The hopper window means you can fully open up the back of the boat to give you space that only achieve in much large boats, and the intelligent Joystick control means that moveability in tight spaces makes anyone look like a pro. It takes the stress out of a day’s boating, it’s a compact boat that packs a huge punch.

Q. What keeps you busy when you’re not around boats?

A. Boats are still the major part of my leisure, I love to get out on the water. But when not doing that I enjoy a game of golf. Although sometimes golf can be challenging, just when you think you have it sorted out, the game brings you back to reality.

Q. What elements of the Windcraft range of sailing and power boats make them well suited to QLD?

A. Queensland has some great sailing, offshore and across the likes of Morton Bay. Whether competitively racing offshore in the premium Solaris range. Cruising with a shallow draft Hanse in more restricted waters, or fast passage making in a Sealine or Fjord to a protected anchorage. There are lots of solutions. Catamarans are the fastest individual growing category of sailing and The Privilege range not only provide great shallow draft cruising options, but true world cruising capability. Already proven with multiple circumnavigations, its tempting to have that capability, as well as the ability to long term cruise the Queensland’s outstanding coastline including the barrier reef.

Q. What motivated your move to QLD and what’s so great about it?

A. Having had an extensive corporate career as a CEO, I was looking for an opportunity for a sea change and the ability to work on a business in which I was motivated by the passion for the products. Boating has been a huge part of my life, racing and cruising in yachts, and in cruisers. I have built boats, renovated boats. I just love being around them and the people who share that passion.

Q. What’s the best boat name you’ve come across?

A. “The Office” – you always feel you are totally committed and guilt free when you tell people you are spending lots of time at “The Office”.

Q. A Penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. Why is he here and what do you tell him?

A. He has clearly heard that we have a relaxed office and look to enjoy what we do. I would tell him to sit down and tell us what he would like to achieve on his boating journey

Q. Why do you think Windcraft has had so much success as Australia’s leading yacht importer?

A. Windcraft has a stable of brands that can meet any boating solution. High performance cruising and sailing options with Hanse, Dehler and Solaris , true world class cruising capability with Moody and Privilège. Motor boats with outstanding space and flexibility for the family and performance Motor Boats like Fjord with 40 knot offshore capability with the latest styling and surprising accommodation if required.

Windcraft truly has a solution for every boating need all with customisable options to make your boating experience all about your individual requirements