Hanse Yachts – Design Strength

Hanse yachts is the production yacht success story of recent times. The company was founded by racing sailor and former Admiral’s Cup winner, Michael Schmidt in the late 90’s. His passion was to build stunning looking yachts that perform well. The Hanse Group has enjoyed success beyond his wildest dreams… and here’s why…

Judel/Vrolijk design every Hanse yacht. Their designs win awards and their yachts win races. Hanse then engineer each yacht with precision. For example every keel is fixed with stainless steel bolts and the bulkheads are glassed in laminate to the deck and hull.

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Hanse Original Self-Tacking Headsail

The self-tacking headsail is an integral part the design of every Hanse yacht from day one.

It’s part of a performance rig which has a tall mast, and large mainsail and this means fast, easy sailing.

Quality steering systems are are built in Denmark by Jefa.

And the interiors are stylish and contemporary. You’ll find real wood veneer on every cupboard door and the standard microfibre upholstery is exceptional.

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Hanse 315 – Base Boat $208,000

The Hanse 315 Pocket Rocket is the perfect introduction to yachting – a neat little 31ft yacht that’s fun and easy to sail but also big on performance.

She sleeps 5 and has excellent interior headroom and exceptional natural light. The tall rig and large sail area makes her one of the top performers in her class.

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Hanse 458 – The New Best Seller

New Hanse 458 – Trendsetting design and exiting performance.

The new 8 series from Hanse – seaworthiness and elegance, sportiness and comfort, functionality and design. The Hanse 458 is all about refinement.

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