Hanse Early Bird Offer

Hanse Early Bird Offer

July and August is the best time to buy a Hanse. If you’ve been waiting for the “right time” to buy a yacht, this is it.

Have you done all your research, waited for the kids to finish school, ready to take a step back from work commitments?

The Early Bird Savings come around only once a year, so don’t miss out.

For orders placed in July and August only, the following packages of equipment are free of charge:


Navigation Pack and Cruising Pack

Hanse 315 – Saving NZ$18,178

Hanse 348 – Saving NZ$22,350


Navigation, Cruising, and Performance Packs

Hanse 388 – Saving NZ$40,550

Hanse 418 – Saving NZ$48,893

Hanse 458 – Saving NZ$55,479


Navigation, Cruising, Performance and Comfort Pack, plus upgraded Plotter

Hanse 508 – Saving NZ$81,122


Navigation, Cruising, Performance, Entertainment and Comfort Pack, plus upgraded Plotter

Hanse 548 – Saving NZ$106,567

Hanse 588 – Saving NZ$131,069

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