Her name is Bling, she’s our 14th yacht and the first one we’ve ever had that’s not had us thinking about the next one! 

This boat has exceeded out expectations on many fronts: she’s stylish and modern, as all new Hanse’s are, but she outperforms all other production boats in Pittwater – a fast, sleek cruiser.

Great lines, high quality finish and room to swing a large cat, the experience is enhanced further by great after-sales service by a team committed to their product and clients. 

The number of new boats in Australia is itself testimony to Hanse – they have got the offering right. We love this boat – what else can we say? … ”

Charles and Sylvia – ‘Bling’ – Hanse 400e

When I looked at yachts for sale and bought the 400e I loaded up on the extras needed for comfortable cruising and the ‘long lunch on Sydney Harbour’ type of sailing – the barbie, the dodger and awning etc. She has proved very comfortable for family outings with the five of us.

I also wanted to do twilights and other club racing, and this is where she is deceptively quick. I invested in a couple of North’s sails, and we’ve several first places over a range of different courses. 

The tall rig and sail area work well, and the self-tacker is a definite advantage in breezes over 20 knots. Get yourself an asymmetric – they’re so much fun and also handy when cruising.

All in all, a well balanced yacht that is easy to handle and can be competitively campaigned with a family or rock-star crew.

Jeff and Yvette Mitchell – ‘Tiramisu’ – Hanse 400e