Erica and Gunther Gisser have lived on board their Moody 45 DS for 2 years.

We caught up with Gunther to find out about life on board and his experience with Team Windcraft.

‘We went from a 380m&sup2 home to a 45 foot yacht… and now everything is less complex.

We have panoramic views and we don’t have to clean the pool. If we don’t like the pool we change it, if we don’t like the view we change it.

If the weather is not good outside we don’t disappear downstairs like most yacht owners… we still feel like we’re outside and we still have fabulous views.

The Moody 45 Deck Saloon is just so easy to live on. And when we have guests it’s magic – this is a 3 bed 2 bath floating apartment that sails really well.


Before we had ‘Cool Change’ I only had dinghy sailing experience and Erica had never sailed before…

…but when you buy a yacht from Team Windcraft you’re not just buying a luxury yacht, you’re buying into a family who will give you all the help you need to have the right sailing experience for you.

Windcraft hold your hand until you’re happy then once you’ve had a go on your own they help you again.

This has been a big learning experience for me. I’d really only sailed in dinghies before and Erica had never sailed. But now Erica has reached the point where she can take the Moody out on her own. She can come in and out of the marina and hoist the sails no problem.

We’ve done trips from Pittwater to Sydney and Port Stephens and through Windcraft I’ve had the chance to do some deliveries on some other boats and notched up a few 1000 nautical miles

Will we live in a normal house again?… Eventually when we reach old age maybe… but not for a while.

Some friends of ours are away at the moment and we’ve had full use of their house for the last 6 months. However over the last 6 months we’ve spent just 4 nights there!

Speaks volumes….