Nick Jones, Team Windcraft’s Melbourne Manager offers some handy tips on checking your gas bottle level.

Ever wished you had checked your gas level before you left the dock….?

Today I’m going to show you a little trick to find out whether you’ve got gas before you head off on that next journey.

Gas sits heavy in the bottle so it will always be at the bottom. A real quick way to check is to open the valve, tilt it and when you start to see the gas come out, you draw an imaginary line in the bottle and that’s where your level is. So the first one shown is quite full.

And if I look at the next one, open the valve and tilt it, you can see that I get that one to about horizontal…so half way and half a bottle full of gas.

So next time before you head out, this is a quick and easy check because the service station is a lot closer by road than when you are out on your boat.

Points to remember :

– Open valve slightly

– Tilt bottle slowly

– Angle of bottle when gas comes out equals level of gas