The Dehler manufacturing process makes use of the very latest production technology. The result is a strong yet light hull… and consistently high quality.

The first layer of glass is hand laminated over the gel coat. Then dry foam and glass mats are laid out. The hull is made using vacuum infused vinylester resin with a foam core. Using quality materials like this gives you a stronger hull for less material. Hull weight is reduced by approx 200kg. The next stage is to lay out the resin supply then the vacuum is applied. Using a vacuum to infuse the resin improves working conditions and reduces emissions – resulting in a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Carbon Cage

The Dehler carbon cage bottom structure results in increased stiffness allowing the 46 to carry more load from the large rig.

Carbon reinforcements integrated into the GRP bottom structure deliver a light boat with improved overall strength and superb bonding between the hull and keel.

Composite bulkheads also save weight while increasing strength.

dehler 42 anchor

Carbon Rigs

In the words of Ric Hawkins – “Anyone who wants to win generally goes carbon!’.

If you are looking for that performance edge then a carbon rig is a very good option. Carbon is stronger and stiffer than aluminum. It is less flexible and gives a better drive on your boat.

There are many advantages of choosing a carbon rig on a Dehler Build.

Expert Commissioning

After thorough testing the finished Dehler is shipped to Australia for the final commissioning process.

The Windcraft Group Service Centre based at Bayview Marina, Pittwater near Sydney are responsible for commissioning all our new yachts for sale throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our team are supported by an experienced team of contractors who have put together over 200 Hanse Group boats… your new Dehler is in safe hands.

Thinking about buying a new boat?

We have a diverse range of skills in our team who have been assisting clients with this for more than 20 years and we are here to help. Windcraft manages the largest portfolio of European production brands across Australia and NZ, but if we don't have what you need then we will help you find it.