The Perfect Yacht Design

The Dehler manufacturing process makes use of the very latest production technology. The result is a strong yet light hull… and consistently high quality.

The first layer of glass is hand laminated over the gel coat. Then dry foam and glass mats are laid out. The hull is made using vacuum infused vinylester resin with a foam core. Using quality materials like this gives you a stronger hull for less material. Hull weight is reduced by approx 200kg. The next stage is to lay out the resin supply then the vacuum is applied. Using a vacuum to infuse the resin improves working conditions and reduces emissions – resulting in a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

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Just wait till you sail it…

The dynamic exterior lines of the Dehler range send out a message of cool superiority and cut a fine figure on any stretch of water.

The head-turning lines are a result of precise hydrodynamic research, comprehensive input from the interior design team, carefully analysed human behaviour and motion studies…

… and of course a touch of cool magic that only the very best yacht designers Judel/Vrolijk know how to deliver.

Dehlers deliver sublime days out on the water. Whether you’re standing behind the wheel or sitting outboard on a lowered coaming seat, views forward are perfect and the boat feels sensational.

The clever set-up offers the helm a wide, comfortable area and with the high aspect rudder relatively far forward it stays immersed and you stay in control.

Dehler Downunder

The Dehler brand has taken off like a rocket Downunder since the Hanse Group takeover in 2009.

The Judel/Vrolijk design team recently penned the incredibly successful Dehler 29343842 and 46… and seasoned Aussie and Kiwi sailors recognised the unique combination of performance and quality… and snapped the new models up.

Family Friendly

Dehler yachts are true performance cruisers.

There’s no mistaking their racing intent. They have slippery, smooth silhouettes, clean decks, flush hatches, recessed cleats, tall masts and swept-back spreaders… which all adds up to low-drag co-efficient.

But they also have the best interiors you will find on a racing yacht.

They’re beautifully styled, luxuriously fitted out and perfect for weekends away with the family.

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