They say good things come in threes and the new Dehler 42C aptly named ‘Trilogy’, the third boat of three owners, is no exception.


This sailing mad, trio from Melbourne purchased a Hanse 355 seven years ago.  Part owner, Peter Fitzgerald says, ‘we loved our Hanse, but we got the seven-year itch and started wondering what else was in the Windcraft stable’.  


Based on their needs, specs and parameters Jade Cole, Windcraft Melbourne, arrived at a short list of suitable yachts, recommending they check out the Hanse 388, the Dehler 42 and the 42C.  Jade says, ‘they wanted to be able to get involved with club racing while also having a great boat to take the grandkids out on. I knew the 42C would be a perfect fit – it’s the ideal cruiser racer’.


A flight to Sydney and a day trialing the 42C out on the water with Jade and Windcraft’s Ric Hawkins, was all the confirmation needed. 



Dehler 42C – The Ultimate Choice


The Dehler 42C won hands down providing all the desired specifications and owning a competitive yacht with extra waterline and efficient design for better boat speed was an exciting prospect.    


Centralized sailing from the cockpit and an electric winch allowed easy and comfortable maneuvering for two up sailing – a must for Peter and co-owner Barry Fitzpatrick who wanted the option to sail together safely both inshore and offshore.


Peter says, ‘the two wheels were a great convenience because they enable you to helm on either side in light weather – I like to be leeward to keep an eye on the tell tails so it’s a perfect set up for me.   And anyone boarding via the stern can walk straight through without dodging a single wheel in the middle of the cockpit.


We loved the internal and external aesthetics which were both inviting and functional.  The hull colour through to the teak finishes made her an attractive boat that stood out from the crowd.  Internally she was open and bright with a Scandinavian style of light timbers and furnishings which is extremely pleasing to the eye.’   



The 42C – A Competitive Edge:


The addition of Competition specs advances the Dehler 42 to a powerful and spirited contender.  ‘The taller carbon mast, boom and vang strut, as well as upgraded winches and a deeper draught bulb keel and rudder make this a fast boat and highly competitive within any racing fleet’, says Jade.


Handover and Delivery: 


Windcraft organized every facet of the handover and delivery from boat education and training and champagne celebrations to the bon-voyage from Sydney to Melbourne with a first-class delivery skipper.


Handover day was exciting for the new owners.  Jade says, ‘as part of any handover process, we make sure owners have all the knowledge required to enjoy their new boat.  We go through the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems and demonstrate how to hoist and drop the sails and so much more’.  


Peter met and worked with delivery skipper Brett Avery the next day to provision and prepare for the sail to Melbourne.  Unfortunately, the conditions weren’t favorable due to lack of wind, so they motored south down the coastline.     

Peter says:       



‘It didn’t matter that we motored – the highlight was simply being out there on the water witnessing the beautiful sunsets and night skies.  We saw a whale breeching a few times off Sydney within 150 meters of the boat and we had dolphins and seals spending time with us.   The only stop we made was in Eden to enjoy a fresh fish feast and to refuel.


We took it in turns to take watch – three hours on and six off so with the three of us it wasn’t arduous at all.  


It was really something special arriving at sunset in to Port Phillip Bay, four days and three nights later.  



We are grateful to Windcraft for setting us up with our skipper, Brett – he was experienced, enormously capable and particularly good at navigating and setting up the GPS to get us back efficiently and on time.’


The Windcraft Experience 


‘Trilogy’ is the trio’s second consecutive boat with Windcraft.  Peter says, ‘we had a great experience purchasing our Hanse with Windcraft, so we had every reason to purchase with them again.  They are a customer orientated team and very passionate about sailing. We have all noticed how professional and authentic they are in everything they do’.  



What’s it Like Having a Boat with Three Owners?


How does it work with three owners?  How do you work out a schedule to give everyone a fair go?  


‘We don’t – it just works otherwise we wouldn’t do it.  We have a good combination of people – there hasn’t been one clash with boat access in all the years we have shared ownership.  In fact, we often go boating together because we get along well. We are very lucky that things have run so smoothly.’


What are the Plans for ‘Trilogy’ Peter?


‘We have a lot of plans!  


‘Trilogy’ will have two homes – Sandringham, north east in Port Phillip Bay and Blairgowrie, to the south east.   She will be docked at Sandringham Yacht Club over Winter and early Spring for mid-week and weekend racing. Then Summer and Autumn seasons will be spent at Blairgowrie, a popular and thriving yacht club where we know heaps of people.  Needless, to say, we are looking forward to putting ‘Trilogy’ through her racing paces to see what she is made of.


Choosing crew for our Dehler 42C will be a work in progress.  We want to get to know her first and then decide what skills we need to have aboard.  We had regular crew on our Hanse 355 which was great, so we will get to that stage further down the track.


We will also do some cruising offshore – it would make a pleasant few days sailing across to Tasmania, choosing the best possible weather window of course!  And both yacht clubs have cruising groups that we want to join to explore our waterways.


Our families can’t wait to get out there on ‘Trilogy’ for some fun and local cruising.  She is the perfect size and so comfortable and safe for the children and grandchildren its really going to bring everyone together. 


And we all love the Windcraft owners rally – it’s a lot of fun and a great social occasion so we will be there in 2020.


‘Trilogy’ is such a beautiful and versatile yacht.  She will give us the best of both worlds – the challenge of fast, competitive racing and safe and comfortable cruising – the perfect combination.’


It looks like three owners on their third keel boat together have hit the jackpot with new Dehler 42C ‘Trilogy’.