Why not take delivery of a new Hanse in Europe and experience the thrill of an international boating lifestyle.


Sail the magnificent waterways and explore the islands and coastal towns of the Adriatic, a stepping-stone to other popular destinations in the Mediterranean and beyond.


Windcraft have the experience, the knowledge and the systems in place to make it happen.  



Buying a yacht in Europe on your own can be challenging.  Instead, choosing to buy from your home country based Windcraft agent and take delivery in Europe makes for a more relaxed, supported experience.  You have the reassurance of a Windcraft expert from the new yacht order through to the conclusion of your onboard handover.  Even better, the support continues with the Windcraft Service Centre looking after your after sales and warranty needs wherever you are in the world.


Ross Turner, Commissioning Manager, Windcraft Sydney says, ‘Portoroz in Slovenia is the pick of the European countries for delivering and commissioning a new Hanse – we have set up a reliable network of quality trades that meet our high standard, it’s convenient to the factory in Germany and the far north of the Adriatic is an ideal location to start a sailing adventure’.


Annabel and Joe Wright recently purchased a Hanse 455 from Dominic Lowe, Windcraft New Zealand and took delivery in Slovenia.  And they have a long-term plan – to sail the world for 6-7 seasons, before bringing her back home.


New Hanse 455 European Delivery – The Windcraft Experience


Annabel says, ‘we had a two-day shot at getting a promotional deal on a new Hanse 455 and time was running out.  We phoned Dom, went through all the extras and signed the contract.  Just like that the deal was done, it was so easy.  Ross was assigned as our on-site Commissioning Manager – he started the process from Sydney and flew to Europe to look after everything. And it was a bonus that he had just commissioned his own Hanse 458 in Europe.



We have used sales agents in the Med before and didn’t want to repeat the experience.  A few years ago, we went to Europe to buy a yacht, and no one took us seriously – everything was unprofessional and very frustrating.  When we finally did purchase, there was no actual handover,  we were just given the keys and left to fend for ourselves.

Having Windcraft orchestrate the entire process of purchase in New Zealand and delivery, commissioning and handover in Europe was a completely different experience.  The team were fantastic – Dom and Ross have so much knowledge, they were totally professional and trustworthy – we couldn’t have done it without them.’


Commissioning works were organized from Australia while the boat was nearing completion in the Hanse factory in Germany.  It was trucked to Slovenia and a week prior to handover Ross flew over to do the final sea trials, quality control and all systems testing to ensure the boat was up to the Windcraft standard.


Annabel and Joe had requested upgrades and customizations for their live aboard lifestyle – solar power, additional sails, anchors and chains, battery banks, tenders and outboards.





The boat was polished and shiny ready for the excitement of the handover which included three days of training on boat handling and maintenance and assistance with final provisions.


Annabel says, ‘Ross was extremely thorough  – he retightened, rechecked, completed documentation and explained everything in fine detail.  He even organized cold beers, champagne, flowers, Hanse merchandise and a celebratory naming ceremony on the foredeck for our beautiful new yacht we christened Wrighthanz’.


Why the Hanse?


The Hanse 455 was a perfect combination of size, comfort and speed to explore the Med and the rest of the world, short-handed.  It’s a very comfortable boat for two people – large but easy to handle, robust and strong for long-haul ocean sailing.


Annabel says:


‘The Hanse 455 suited our live-aboard lifestyle for many reasons.  We love the length and size; she goes through the waves better than our previous boat because she is longer and heavier.  Our new performance sails are just beautiful, they look magic and have a lovely shape – we glide through the water.



The massive cupboard space and storage areas are perfect for long-haul voyages.  The L-shaped galley is very secure at sea and the fridge is amazing – there is a door that opens in the front then a top lift a bit further over with an ice box and veggie draw and a place for bottles – all this in one fridge!


When it comes to sleeping the berths are big and we are impressed by the island bed up the front and most importantly there is enough room for guests.  We made one of the two toilets electric and left one with a marine pump.  And of course, we love the outdoor shower in the cockpit – we use it multiple times a day as we swim a lot and the water tank stores over 400 litres so it lasts a long time.’



Hanse 455 Extras:


The extras were planned around Annabel and Joe’s plans to sail the world, so the boat had to be comfortable, easy and safe to sail two up.


Annabel says, ‘solar panels were  a no brainer because it’s always sunny in the Med, so we purchased 3 x 120-watt panels.  There’s nothing worse than being beside a generator starting up in a beautiful location so solar is perfect for us – we go into a bay and don’t have to start the motor – it’s so quiet.  And when ‘Wrighthanz’ is back in New Zealand the panels will do their job, even on an overcast day.  The solar really is an investment in the future.


An additional 2 x 165 Ah batteries were fitted to keep the fridge running all night.  They keep everything going and the charge hasn’t been below 93% – there’s a lot of juice left for night-time sailing and for instruments and lights.


We had chosen to option the boat with bow thruster in case of extra windage, two electric winches with all lines coming back to the cockpit and a remote back to the cockpit Windlass for easy anchoring stern ashore which is typically required in the Med.



Future Plans: 


The Wright’s are planning a flexible and adventurous 6 to 7-year sailing voyage around the world, wintering ‘Wrighthanz’ from approximately September-May.  And they are not just going home but travelling around New Zealand in a caravan before flying back to their home on water for the European Summer.


This year they are exploring the Adriatic – Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.  Next year will be Turkey and Greece where they will visit one of their favorite islands –  Meganisi, with lots idyllic bays and restaurants to pull up to and enjoy.  The following year possibly Tunisia or Italy and on from there eventually forging a path across to the Caribbean, through to the Galapagos and home via the South Pacific islands.


Your favorite place so far Annabel?


‘Kotor in Northern Montenegro would have to be a favorite.  It’s at the end of a picturesque fiord about two hours by boat from the Adriatic and being one of the oldest medieval venetian walled cities in the world, it’s stooped in history and absolutely beautiful’.


The Benefits of Taking Delivery of a Hanse in Europe:


  • Proximity to some of the best sailing in the world along the coastlines of Europe’s most stunning countries.
  • Sail the Adriatic – Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania and other popular destinations in the Med such as Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands.
  • Explore the endless sea of Mediterranean islands of varying size, population, culture and character.
  • Hang out at one of the many quality marinas or simply drop anchor and zip in on your tender – mix with the locals, explore the cafes and restaurants and shop for provisions.
  • Kick back, relax, enjoy the local food and wine, take in the view and of course swim in the famous crystal-clear water.
  • Skip paying Value Added Tax (VAT) on a new boat in Europe. Every country has different rules and regulations, however VAT doesn’t have to be paid for 18 months when in the Europe zone and even then you can leave and come back, depending on each country’s regulations.
  • When you are ready to bring your boat home you may like to sail across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC Rally) a popular option with Windcraft owners.


Windcraft Professional Services:   


  • Transportation of yacht from factory to commissioning port.
  • Commissioning including extras and customizations, sea trials and systems testing.


Handover:  Yacht handling and maintenance skills and celebratory get togethers.



  • Hints and tips on customs formalities for different countries.
  • Windcraft Service Centre support with aftersales, parts and warranty issues throughout your journey and ownership.
  • Ready to bring your boat home? If you don’t want to sail all the way home Windcraft can  also hire a delivery skipper for you or advise on a  yacht freight shipping service.


Taking delivery of their new Hanse 455 in Europe has given Annabel and Joe the  lifestyle of their dreams – international travel.


Annabel says, ‘we would always prefer to escape the cold Winters of New Zealand and now we have the perfect set up to do that – our beautiful Hanse lies waiting for us to move her to the next destination and ultimately, home’.