Ric Hawkins talks about his role at Team Windcraft

Ric Hawkins talks about his role at Team Windcraft

Team Windcraft Sailing Advisor
Brand Manager for Solaris and Dehler

Whether it’s helping beginners with parking their new yacht in a marina berth…encouraging clients to give racing a go…

or giving experienced sailors “hands on” help fine-tuning their racing techniques…Team Windcraft’s Ric Hawkins loves sharing his passion for sailing.

Ric’s been part of the Windcraft family since 2008 and in 2015 took on an exciting new role as the Brand manager for Solaris and Dehler yachtsWe caught up with him to ask a few questions…

When it comes to sailing, how can you help people?

“When someone is thinking of buying a boat, I believe that the more you can help them learn about the boat and sailing, the more they will enjoy their time on the water. I aim to involve everyone in the family and make sure everyone feels confident on the water.

I just love helping people to gain a better understanding of what they are doing and making sailing fun.After a session with me just seeing the confidence and hearing them say… “Yeah, now what’s this boat is supposed to do!” gives me great satisfaction.

Then they’re hooked and that’s it! In a racing team or crew situation I like to get in and make everyone relax, then I work out the personalities and characters and get everyone working as a team.Then the results speak for themselves!

What’s the added value of having a technical sailing lesson with you?

It’s all about improving the client’s skill knowledge.

The added value is in their usage of the boat, or being less fearful, or giving them more knowledge so they can go ahead and fulfil their dream…. whether that’s going on a cruise and taking off around the world.

The value is also around safety and skills in challenging conditions.I’ve taken clients out in horrendous conditions and shown them how to do it. It helps if you are calm and relaxed and luckily that’s my nature.

I actually sailed through a cyclone, when I was young. I was lashed to the helm for 2 days! It was horrendous… just myself and a friend.. but I know that experience helped us win the 98 Hobart.I believe people learn best through experience. Some new owners spend lots of time with me, others much less, but all they all benefit.

Let’s talk a bit about your experience

I skippered my first yacht at age 15 and I’ve never been far from the water. I was a yacht broker for 10 years in early days and worked with Windcraft’s Managing Director Peter Hrones.

I’ve been involved in almost every international sailing regatta…spent heaps of time in the Mediterranean on racing boats and team boats. I’ve also represented Australia in Admiral’s Cups, and from dinghies up to high performance yachts.

But high performance offshore racing is what I love…  so if people want to achieve great things in racing, I love helping them achieve that.

Ric Hawkins talks about his role at Team Windcraft

Tell us about your new role at Windcraft

I love my role as Brand Manager for Solaris and Dehler.

These are beautiful yachts. Solaris are part of Team Windcraft’s premium range… exquisite Italian sailing yachts that are sculpted for speed.

Dehler are fantastic performance yachts with the best interiors you’ll find in any production racing yacht.

In my new role, I’m part of a team and we are all helping our customers find the right yacht for them.It’s not just a sale, I’m there for the life of the ownership.

Ric Hawkins talks about his role at Team Windcraft

What about Team Racing?

If I am not out with owners I love to race as a team with the boys. Pete and I sail together in the same team. We enjoy racing together but I have been known to ditch him in a race and join an owner… I once hopped off my boat and joined the owner on a Solaris because they needed me!

I love racing with the boys and I can be quite competitive. It’s never too intense and we always have fun… but I will always look for every little inch that will help us win the race!

If you are thinking of taking the first step and living your dream.

Ric can help you on the way. or if you want to get the best out of your yacht.

Contact Team Windcraft here.