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Hanse yachts are great offshore cruising yachts

Frank Stevens is the proud owner of a Hanse 400 yacht. On 16th May 2011 a long held dream came true as Frank waved goodbye to Pittwater for a few months and began the sail up the Australian coast.

Frank and his friends enjoyed a wonderful 2 week voyage to the Whitsundays via Coffs Harbour, Southport and Gladstone. One of the crew Hans chatted to us about the trip.

‘We had every condition’ he smiled‘The first couple of days were a gentle warm up with calm conditions. We enjoyed some nice motor sailing and a 5 knot Easterly breeze.

We settled into our watch system nicely – with the usual fight over the sunrise shift 😉

Then for around 48 hours mother nature gave us a treat.

We got perfect sailing conditions… it was around 15-17 knots with the wind over the quarter and stunning clear blue skies.

We put the genoa up and had the inevitable competition to see who would get best boat speed.

The winner was Alec at 10.8 knots (not down a wave). It was just a magical stretch.

Then a couple of night’s later mother nature threw everything at us.

We had 37 knots of wind and it was pitch black and pouring with rain.

We got absolutely soaked. At first we reefed the sails and as conditions worsened we motored under bare poles for a while.

The yacht handled the conditions brilliantly. I was very taken with the performance of the Hanse 400. I own a Hanse 350 and I’m now seriously tempted to upgrade.’

Over on our Hanse site Frank talks about his first year with Hanse yachts and his preparations for the trip up the coast.

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