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2017 Sailors with DisABILITIES “Making Waves” Regatta on Sydney Harbour – 2017

Raffle for SWD – Raffle for Bear Cottage – Junior Sailing Support

Sailors with DisABILITIES

Team Windcraft’s partnership with SWD is a fantastic win win. Both companies understand the incredible benefits gained from experiencing the sheer joy of sailing.

And working together helps both companies continue to meet their targets.

Windcraft Raffle raises $174,550.37 for Sailors with disAbilities

Peter Hrones said he “Felt like Father Christmas” as he handed over the keys of the brand new Hanse 435 yacht to raffle winner John Scott and a cheque for $174,550.37 to David Pescud the founder of Sailors with disAbilities (SWD). As Peter handed over the cheque to SWD he praised the charity for the fantastic work they do. He said “SWD use sailing as a tool to offer people opportunity and to promote optimistic thinking. They change lives every day and we are very proud to be able to support their brilliant work.”

Here’s the full story of our raffle in support of Sailors with disAbilities. Through Sailors With DisABILITIES (“SWD”) people can leave their disability on the shore and start to define themselves by what they can do and not what they can’t. The Winds of Change Youth, Try Sail Day, twilight racing, fund-raising regattas and the Rolex Sydney to Hobart team are all part of the life changing program.

Bear Cottage Campaign

This was a ground breaking fund-raiser for the Australian sailing community. The Hanse Owners Club were quick to buy raffle tickets and create a buzz once the campaign was introduced at their Annual Pittwater Rally in March 2011. By August 2011,Team Windcraft along with help from supporters, the community and media, sold 4,352 raffle tickets. A cheque for $252,511.91 was given to Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice in Manly and received by Matthew Seidl CEO. Matthew was clearly delighted. ‘This will make a big dent in our annual running costs’ Matthew said.

The lucky winner is a very grateful owner of a brand new Hanse 355 which cost him a $100 raffle ticket…… and a bonus 2 hour sailing session with solo around the world celebrity Jessica Watson showing him the ropes.

The campaign was inspired by ‘Harry’, a child living with a very rare disorder. His story makes it clear how vital financial support for Bear Cottage is. The Hanse was appropriately named “Harry’s Story”.

‘Bear Cottage must be supported and nurtured. Bass Straight at its worst is less formidable than the tough hurdles faced by these families,’ said Iain Murray.

Read the full campaign story here and video to the left.

Team Windcraft Melbourne Supports Junior Sailing

Team Windcraft Melbourne donated an International Optimist “Crafty” for young sailors at the Royal Brighton Yacht Club to use. This is the letter we received from one of the youngsters enjoying the boat:

Dear Windcraft (Melbourne)

On behalf of all the sailors in the Royal Brighton Yacht Club – JuniorSailing Program I would like to thank you for your wonderful support. The International Optimist CRAFTY AUS 526 will provide many opportunities forsailors from this program to participate in Optimist regattas.

I would like to express my personal thank you because CRAFTY provided me with anopportunity to participate in the ISAF Sailing World Cup – Melbourne 2014. This was the biggest sailing event I have participated in and I havebenefited from the opportunity in so many ways!

Sailing in this event proved to be an even bigger learning experience than Ihad expected. To have the opportunity to compete in an event with over 100International Optimists and fifty or more boats on the start line at a timeturned all my sailing theory into reality.

Also, having so much competition around me emphasized the importance of all the fine tuning we learnt about in training to make the boat sail faster. Sailing is an activity that I am very passionate about and it was exciting to be at an event with world classsailors. I enjoyed sailing CRAFTY and I am sure the boat will also provide opportunities for many junior sailors in the program to develop their skills.

Thank you for your support of junior sailing.
Yours sincerely
Lewis Sloane

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