2017 Windcraft Melbourne Owners’ Rally Round Up

Blue Skies, Clear Water & a Good Breeze…

Hard to believe this was Melbourne!

But yes… the third annual Windcraft Owners’ Rally on 25th February was picture perfect!

You’ll see from the video & photos from the day

For new Windcraft company owner, Anthony Bishop it was his first time sailing in Melbourne…

But as Melbourne manager, Nick says, “with weather like that, he wasn’t really sailing in Melbourne!”

Twilight Sailing

The fun started on Friday night with our boats heading to Safety Beach, on the Mornington Peninsula.

Five took part in a friendly twilight race that was won by visiting boat – Hanse 350 ‘Ameerah’.

Fifteen boats joined the official Owners’ Rally on Saturday morning – including a range of Hanses, Dehlers...and two Moody 54 Deck Saloons.

Team Windcraft’s Anthony, Mary, Iain and Ric came down from Sydney to join owners on their yachts.

We caught up with Nick Jones for a full rally round up…

A Sea of Colour

In Nick’s words…

“On Saturday we were really lucky with the weather.

After the briefing the sun came out and the sky was blue with a nice steady breeze of between 10 -15 knots. It was a fairly flat bay. So ideal conditions for some great sailing in the morning.

The morning race had two divisions – extras and non extras. We had spinnakers up in fuchsia pink and teal colours.

And with all the rally shirts pink this year, there was a lot of colour out there on the water!


Time Out for the New Boss

Our new boss, Anthony began the first race on Hanse 385, ‘Time Out’ but they broke the start line! The tower were calling them back saying that ‘Time Out’ was OCS (on course side).

So I raced over in the Axopar and said “Guys you’re OCS. Go back!” and Anthony joked saying that I was pretty game calling his new boss back OCS but I said, “I’m just the messenger.” The owners had a laugh about that!

The ‘Time Out’ crew went back and started correctly and actually did rather well in that race – they got 4th!

Anthony enjoyed being on that boat. The owner is a really good operator and I think he gave Anthony a few tips for his own boat!

The Second Race

At the lunchtime stop, drinks were delivered to the owners and crew who enjoyed the break, relaxing on board.

It was nice and calm for the raft up lunch and the breeze picked up on cue. And it was fantastic for the afternoon’s race.

This race is a chance for yachts to use their self-tacking headsails for the esteemed perpetual trophy.

Huge congratulations to Rod and Marion who won the trophy on Hanse 350 ‘Ameerah’.

They sailed really well. The bigger boats nearly caught up with them, but they were able to hold them off and win convincingly!

Friendships & Competitive Sailing

When you’re a Windcraft owner, you join a group of like-minded people. Friendships evolve and everyone helps each other out. For example, ‘Johanna’, the defending champion was out of action.

But a fellow Hanse owner who wasn’t doing the event, lent their boat so the owners could still take part in the day …that’s what being part of the Windcraft family is all about!

It was great to have both Moody 54 Deck Saloons at the event. I think they were trying to even the score from the first Hobart in 2014 and the Geelong Regatta Week. I believe it’s unsettled business!

There was a bit of friendly rivalry within the 385 fleet – three of them had sailed against each other in the Geelong Regatta in January. They were happy to be doing it all again!

To sum up…it was great sailing with some good healthy competition between everyone throughout the day. I even think there was a wager of a case of beer that was cashed in!

Dinner & Drinks

The dinner and the presentation at the Safety Beach Sailing Club went well, with 85 people for dinner. And the in house catering was fantastic.

There was live music..and lots of socialising! In the end we had people dancing to the Nut Bush! So a really great event. ”

We couldn’t do it without our sponsors so a huge thank you to …

Club Marine, | Helly Hansen |North Sails | Lejen Marine |Hidden Harbour Marina

The drinks were courtesy of Club Marine and we had a lucky door prize from Helly Hansen. Lejen Marine donated an inflatable stand up paddle board and Norths Sails donated $500.

Rally Results – Morning Race (2 divisions)

Extra’s Division (spinnakers)

1. Hanse 505 ‘Shimmer’ Steve & Jac Twentyman
2. Dehler 38 ‘Rogue’ David Phillips
3. Hanse 385 ‘Mell’ Adrian & Joan MacQuarrie

Non Extra’s Division (main and self tackers only)

1. Moody 54DS – ‘Trybooking’ Grant Dunoon
2. Hanse 415 – ‘Matador’ Philip Endersbee
3. Moody 54DS – ‘Moody Buoys’ Trevor Richardson

Afternoon Race

Trophy Race Results

1. Hanse 350 ‘Ameerah’ Rod & Marion Blackburn
2. Hanse 285 ‘Mell’ Adrian & Joan MacQuarrie
3. Hanse 385 ‘Time Out’ Drew Price

Congratulations to every boat and crew member on the water…

…in our eyes you are all winners

So what did the new boss think?

In Anthony’s words

“I loved meeting all the owners and seeing how much they love their boats. I heard a lot of good things about the Windcraft team and how impressed they were with the Windcraft service.

I had a great time sailing on ‘Time Out’ and ‘Shimmer’ and I asked a lot of questions as I’m always looking for things that I can do to my boat!

Can’t wait to do it all again next year!”

A huge thank you to all the owners…
…our Melbourne Windcraft family.!

We love hearing your feedback and thought we’d share some…

From Kerry Wood – Hanse 415 ‘Tempus’

‘Thanks to Nick and Fiona in particular, and all the rest of the Windcraft crew for a great weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve been out on the water as you know and it was a great way to get reminded of why we want to get set up back here again and do more! Lots of fun, well organised, great to see everyone again and you even managed to dial up ideal conditions for a good sail – so well done.’

From Peter Fitzgerald- Hanse 355 ‘Johanna’

“Hopefully you are starting to recover from the rigours of the weekend – well done again! Many thanks to you for making it possible for the ‘Johanna Team’ to attend and fully participate – special thanks also to Ric and Jeremy. Once again both the events and camaraderie were outstanding, thanks to you and the Windcraft Team. We’ll be keen to return next year to challenge for the Hanse Trophy.”

From Steve & Jac Twentyman – Hanse 505 ‘Shimmer’

“Just wanted to say best regatta ever and thank you to you and Fiona! The food was amazing!

From Mark & Megan Jackson –Hanse 385 ‘Cocoon’

“Thanks for the weekend, had a ball, we really appreciate the time and effort you put into organising it and other things which encourage us to use the boat at times and in ways we otherwise might not”

See you next year…Sat 3rd March. Save the date!

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